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First Time Buyer Special
First Time Buyer Special
First Time Buyer Special First Time Buyer Special First Time Buyer Special First Time Buyer Special First Time Buyer Special
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1. Two Ounces of Passion Water-Based Lube will get your through quite a few fucks. It also fits easily in your pocket when you're on the go. Lacking the irritating preservatives of lesser lubes, it's preferred by many of our customers. Of course they tend to go with the 34 ounce bottle.
Retail Price: $3.95 | Your Price: $.01!

2. The Super-Charged Mult-Speed Egg is a great tool to experience what vibrations can do for you. Some guys like it on the undersides of their cock. Others like it pressed against their taint or vibrating in their ass while they stroke. Some guys even use it as an upgrade to their fisting. For a penny, you can decide how you like it.
Retail Price: $5.99 | Your Price: $.01!

3. The Flexi Anal Beads are ideal for bead lovers or those looking to experiment with anal. They're solid yet flexible. The biggest bead is only an inch wide, so you can work your way up bti by bit. They're very durable and will last you until you're ready for more advanced toys.
Retail Price: $7.50 | Your Price: $.01!

4. The Spiked Silicone Erection Ring will help you lock in a rock solid hard on. The soft stretchy silicone easily stretches around the cock and balls. Once on it inhibits blood from flowing back out of your cock. The result is a big angry and veiny erection that just won't stop. The barbed wire style looks cool, but feels good in stretchy silicone.
Retail Price: $4.95 | Your Price: $.01!


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8 Customer reviews
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By Callum Moore.
Silver bullet-wow-give it a go-i had the most amazing cum-loads more than before-awesum
Was this review helpful to you? 36 34

By Dan demarco.
first experience with a vibe toy...def. worth the 1cent!!! very fun
Was this review helpful to you? 31 29

By Paul Delisser.
Totally agreed, having read the one review by aaron above, decided to try this out, and wow, what an experience, I came so much...I was rock hard all the way- this is awsome toy. I also tried the vibrating cock ring with it, I could get addicted to all these fun toys :)...but its a great way to enhance ones sexual pleasure..
Was this review helpful to you? 30 28

By Sylvain Marcil.
I think you have good products and good prices.
Was this review helpful to you? 29 27

By Aaron Correll.
The silver bullet vibe rocks! For just a buck I figured I would give it a try since I've never stuck a vibe up my ass before. And now I see I've been missing out on a whole world of pleasure all this time. I just give it a little Eros lube (which also rocks - it's like the best lube ever) and pop it in my ass. The very first sensation I got when I turned it on for the first time was like, "Wow!" Starting out slowly I pulsed my anal muscles around the egg and could feel my prostate deeply humming with joy :) It was almost a spiritual experience it was that good. I proceeded to jack off for almost 1/2 an hour and had these multiple prostate orgasms that I just could not get enough of. So anyways, for just $.99 my masturbation experiences are just way too enjoyable now, I like to use a good cock ring and some lube with this vibe and I am one happy camper!
Was this review helpful to you? 34 34

More about this product
material quality
build quality
Should have a wider selection of butt plugs with bigger girth
Anal Plugs are affordable and great!
By Pedro Pratts - Trenton NJ.
Best butt plugs ever! Website has a great selection and they feel great!
Was this review helpful to you? 9 10

By Kevin Olson.
the bullet is AWSOME ! I couldn't believe something so small could be so good and for only 99cents!
Was this review helpful to you? 37 38

By Bryan Cole Smith.
No way can anything be good for just 99 cents. . . but DAMN! My boy could NOT get enough of this little gem. We actually wore out two sets of batteries. HIGHLY recommended. If you're into fisting, this fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. Not only does the bottom get a totally different sensation, you get your hand vibromassased as well!
Was this review helpful to you? 30 32