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Tom of Finland Pleasure Tools

Tom of Finland Pleasure Tools let fans bring their favorite Tom of Finland fantasies to life with a collection of lubricants, collars and cuffs, anal toys and other accessories inspired by some of the artist's most famous drawings and paintings. Biker men straddling massive motorcycles inspired powerful prostate vibrators; commanding leather-clad men inspired jet black collars and wrist/ankle cuffs; brawny construction men inspired cock rings shaped like hex nuts; and Tom of Finland's deeply erotic fisting scenes inspired thick fisting cream formulas unlike any other.

Experience the look, feel and spirit of an erotic art icon with these intricately-crafted tools inspired by the sexual freedom captured in Tom of Finland's work - including a hand-sculpted rendition of Kake's Cock, one of the biggest cocks Tom ever penciled. This famous shape has been transformed into a physical object of pleasure headlining a broad collection of tools that expertly express the raw, carnal nature of Tom of Finland.

Each detail was executed with respect for and reflects Tom of Finland's unique aesthetic. The result is a collection that celebrates the legacy of Tom of Finland and his lifelong passion for erotic art, sexual freedom and tolerance worldwide.